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Channel Letters / Neon


We offer both illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters. We fabricate our channel letters in-house. They are constructed with .060 backs, .040 sides, and .188 Acrylic faces with LED illumination. We offer both raceway and individually mounted installation options, dependent upon your specific needs. Our illuminated channel letters are constructed according to UL standards.


Our main types of channel letter include:

Standard Channel Letters
Our standard channel letters are created using a u-shaped base constructed with .060 aluminum backs, .040 aluminum sides and acrylic faces. This is the most common LED illumination type of channel letters.


Reverse Channel Letters
For a more elite appearance, reverse channel letters feature a back-lit illumination effect, creating a halo of light behind the letters. These letters are fabricated with .08 faces, .060 sides and LED illumination.


Non-Illuminated Channel Letters
Our non-illuminated channel letters are perfect for companies that like the dimensional appearance of channel letters, but do not need the illumination.


Neon Signs
Neon signage is very versatile, offering many options for colors and shapes. Its eye-catching appeal makes it popular among businesses and it can be used to provide illumination for both exterior and interior signs. Neon is a traditional favorite for border accents on buildings, and is often seen as exposed neon tubing or mounted to an aluminum backing. We offer competitive pricing on our neon signs and can provide assistance with design.


Illuminated Channel Letters for North Alabama Business