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1950 Central Parkway
Decatur, Alabama 35601

Gates and Railings


Artisan Blue owner Michael Rogers offers customers more flexibility in design and purpose with his custom gates and railings than store-bought options. Made of cold rolled iron or steel, the railings and gates are created to be durable and long-lasting. To order a custom gate or railings from Artisan Blue, please call (256) 350-5795.


Cold Rolled Hand Railing on North Alabama Home
Iron Porch Railing
Constructed from cold rolled steel, this custom porch railing features a double helix, curving both down and out.
  Custom Gate Built from Cold Rolled Steel
Iron Gate
This residential gate was built using all cold rolled steel.

Cold Rolled Steel Railing for Decatur Alabama Townhomes

Residential Railings
These railings were built for a community of townhomes. The hands rails were created with cold rolled steel.