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Outdoor metalwork must be as durable as it is beautiful. For his garden metal art and furniture, Artisan Blue artist Michael Rogers mainly uses cold rolled steel. Many of the garden pieces include added items such as tile mosaics and glass/acrylic elements. To order custom garden furniture or an art piece from Artisan Blue, please call (256) 350-5795.

Iron Mosaic Patio Table
This cold rolled, hand built shelf was created for use outdoors, but could also be used indoors. The shelves are ¾ inch clear acrylic.
Garden Art Sculpture
Cold Rolled Steel Garden Sculpture
This art piece stands at 7 feet tall and is 5 feet across. The piece was created from cold rolled steel and has 2 inch square tubing around the perimeter. The amber glass disc was hand-painted.

Iron Mosaic Patio Table
Hand-bent, this patio table was built using cold rolled steel. The top of the table features a mosaic of cobalt blue and terra cotta tiles. The chairs were purchased separately, but could be built.